Thursday, October 12, 2006

Resisting the call of the blogs and OB/Gyn Appointment

I am beginning to see that this blogging thing could expand to occupy a large amount of my already nonexistent free time. I tend to wander along, peeking at this blog here, following that link there, when Boom! I am sucked in and must read someone's entire blog from the beginning. The first one to get me was Julia's. I just finished Thalia's today. And I am just shattered that she's decided to go quiet for a while. It certainly gives me extra incentive to do my best to stay anonymous.

Anyway, I must come up with some way of balancing updating my own blog with reading other people's. How on earth do people manage this? Something to think about later.

As for me, we're getting moving with the medicine. I had my annual checkup with Dr. Favorite on Monday. Now, I should mention that I patronize the practice that I do in spite of their less than stellar support staff. I rarely feel good about anything after trying to phone the office, and I am occasionally reduced to tears. I often have to wait a very long time for appointments. Example-- Monday. My appointment was for 9:45. Being quite type A, I arrived early. I also had to bring my daughter (let's just abbreviate that to D from now on, shall we?) since my husband (similarly let's call him H) unexpectedly had something important going on at work and couldn't go in late. So, I have a one-year-old with me who hasn't been allowed to take her morning nap due to the unfortunate confluence of H's work thing and my appointment time. I came prepared with her favorite toys, books, blanket, snacks, etc. I HATE skipping any of her naps. I hardly ever do it-- usually only on days we fly somewhere. Anyway, wait time before being called into exam room: 30 minutes. Wait time after stripping and donning paper wrap, etc: 25 minutes. But then, wonderful to see Dr. Favorite again. I haven't seen her since 8 weeks after D was born. The reason I keep seeing these doctors is that they were so wonderful during my last pregnancy. She thanked me for bring in D as they love to see the babies and know how difficult it is to bring them in.

Dr. Favorite is getting a referral going to let me go talk to the perinatal specialists that we worked with last time when I was hospitalized while pregnant with D. The referral is good for three months so I imagine we'll go in sometime just before or just after the holidays. I was amused my her reaction when I brought it up. She quickly interjected, "This is just to formulate a plan, though" meaning that of course I wouldn't be taking my messed up body over there in its entirely, would I? I wish I knew if they were hesitant to refer me over there permanently because (a) they love me to death because I am so delightful, (b) they don't want to see one of their more interesting cases go out the door or (c) I am quite the cash cow for this practice. Some of the hospital bills from last time... whew. Since D was born, Dr. Favorite and her partners have moved their office next door into a brand new medical building, hired a fourth partner, and hired a plastic surgeon and bought a hair removal laser to go with the new surgeon. Dr. Favorite said her other PCOS patient has been using the laser and is pleased with the results, and Dr. Favorite herself just had her underarms treated. I'm not quite ready to go down that road just yet, thanks very much. Anyway, I wonder how much of this D's birth funded?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The not-so-calm after a storm

Well, I wrote in my first entry that my daughter was about to turn one. That milestone is now behind us. What a week. We had my mother, my grandmother, my sister-in-law, and my 2 year old niece all staying in the house for 8 days. Plus my daughter, husband, and me, and our very grouchy cat. Then there was the party-- about 30 adults and 15 kids. Including my mother-in-law and her new boyfriend, and my father-in-law. It's not a party if we can't get all of them in the same room!

Yesterday was the day the last of our houseguests departed and my husband and I were looking forward to reclaiming our space and enjoying a quiet weekend at home. But, being me, I decided to fill the laundry sink (which is upstairs) and after plugging the drain and turning on the water, I of course got distracted and walked away. Today, instead of our quiet weekend, we now have three dehumidifiers and about 10 industrial strength fans blowing air around our radically rearranged upstairs and garage. Carpets were pulled up, soggy carpet pad and wet drywall ripped out and hauled away, doors and wood molding removed, and appliances (most notably our clothes dryer) taken out of commission for the weekend. Nothing like not having a dryer when you've not only soaked every towel in the house in a panic after flooding your upstairs, but have four houseguests' worth of towels and bedding to wash and dry.

I need a vacation.

Monday I have an appointment with my OB, Dr. Favorite. I have to say, having just spent more than a week with a 2 year old in the house, the idea of having another child at this point is considerably less attractive than it was 2 weeks ago.