Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tension, Anyone?

Last night I had a nightmare in which my Dad kept sticking a rattlesnake into my face in spite of my repeated refusals. I eventually punched him. (In my dream.) In real life, I apparently punched my peacefully sleeping husband as he lay alongside me in our bed.

Who knew you could punch people while you sleep? Do you think perhaps I'm a little tense?


Spanglish said...

Poor husband. I've physically punched my husband during dreams as well. He woke me up by yelling, "ARE YOU MAD AT ME?" Poor guys.

May said...

Yeah, I felt pretty bad. On the other hand, this morning as I was bemoaning the fact that this week of limbo between ultrasounds was crawling by at a snail's pace, he responded (in all seriousness) with, "Really? I feel like it's flown by!"

What planet do these guys come from?