Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ahh, Wednesday.

I feel better today. I'm trying not to freak out about this. Pregnancy symptoms come and go. Who was it that came up with the blue fingernails pregnancy indicator idea? The minute your pregnancy starts going south, your fingernails would turn bright blue. Wouldn't that be nice...

D usually goes to a baby sitter's on Thursdays. This gives me a day to prepare my lectures, do my grading, and more recently, go to the RE for ultrasounds without committing that most serious of faux pas: bringing your toddler into the waiting room of the fertility clinic. I got a call this morning from one of the other moms whose son goes to this baby sitter's. Did you hear about the pinkeye, she said? Yes, pinkeye. Running rampant through the population that goes to this sitter. Now the sitter has it. She was closed today and will be closed again tomorrow. So, now I've got a friend of mine attempting to take her 19 month old and my 20 month old to a local amusement park tomorrow morning while H and I go to the RE for our scan. I have instructions to get out of that office as soon as humanly possible and zoom up the freeway to join them at the park. I REALLY hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow. I hate having anything else planned for later in the day of an ultrasound. I like to protect that time for crippling grief, all the while thinking that if I make the time to sob all afternoon, it won't actually be required. i can't imagine anything worse to do after not seeing a heartbeat than heading out to a Southern California amusement park in June.

Sigh. Pinkeye. Fabulous.


Char said...

I found your blog by the comments on Welcome to the Cysterhood! OH boy - there are SO many of us who have been too scared to go for the next scan, but too scared not to! I'm thinking of you, and glad I found your blog! Good luck, from the other side of the planet! (PS I'm not pregnant right now... probably won't ever be agian... but have just found a surrogate and am OVERJOYED!!!)

Spanglish said...

Well here we are at Thursday and you are most likely at the amusement park.

I so hope it's a happy, happy day.