Thursday, November 08, 2007

A guest blog entry, bought to you by the Great Blog Cross-Pollination!

Hi there! May and I are swapping posts for the day, courtesy of Geohde’s Inaugural Blog Cross-Pollination. I’m not from these parts – actually, I’m not from this hemisphere. Downunder with the crocs and Opera House is where I live, and no, we don’t have kangaroos jumping down the street. (Well, not in the cities anyway).

May and I have something in common – we’re both “up the duff”. I have one beautiful son who turns six very soon. Over the last few years, hubbie had a vasectomy and bout of chemo. After I underwent a particularly lovely round of IVF - voila …. preggers!! (Sounds so easy). Just out of the first trimester, I can’t WAIT for my next scan, to see the baby looking more … baby-a-fied.

I’m a freelance writer, redhaired, slightly psycho recovering alcoholic who can’t believe her luck that fertility treatment worked on the first try. Can you guess who I am?

After you’ve left your guess, feel free to click HERE to view my blog.



May said...

Hey look! I got the post up with 2 hours to spare before Nov 9th here in California! Is it still the 9th in Australia? Who can tell?

:D Must sleep now. Happy guessing!

Geohde said...


Mz Mystery Blogger, I had you pinned before the redhead comments :)


Lori said...

I know only because I clicked over from your blog with May's post.

Nice seeing you again, Topcat. How have you been since the Limerick Chick contest? Pretty busy, it seems!!