Thursday, May 14, 2009

And How Is YOUR Day Going?


is why I do not regret the money I spent on this:


Geohde said...

Oh dear. Another window into my future.


Lori said...

Cracking up!

It's one of those things that can be frustrating in the moment but is priceless as a memory. Glad you got a pic.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Pass me a napkin!

My word verification is datiest. What a great new adjective!

MrsSpock said...

That is fantastic!

Michele said...

Ah. When your older sibling did the dump the cereal on the floor she added maple syrup to the mix....yes. Yes, she did.

That was the day I learned that you are no longer allowed to go to the bathroom if a child is loose in the house.


DD said...

I love how you can see an attempt at making a snow, no, scratch that, a CHEERIO angel with his feet.

Good for you for grabbing the camera!

docgrumbles said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Now I am glad I forked out the $$$ for a Dyson.