Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 6

A vision in pink. Well, pinks. Several of them.

Back to school after MLK weekend. Just in the nick of time. I thought Dee and Buddy were going to kill each other. Buddy is going through two stages simultaneously: "Why? Why, Mommy, Why?" and the one where saying something once is only 10% as good as saying it ten times. This is driving Dee nuts: "Buddy, I KNOW. You already said that." My husband and I just giggle to one another, remembering the days when Dee drove us batty doing exactly the same thing.

I'm off to work myself in a few minutes after a paltry four weeks off for Christmas. It's a rough life. I actually had to put on something other than flannel.

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Michele said...

Back to work, eh? Dee looks lovely in her pinks. And I, too, am enjoying the thought of her being annoyed by the repetition phase Buddy is passing through. "Good things to come them that waits."