Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snuzz, Several Years Later

Baby Dee laying on a fairly new Blankie, early in 2006:

Blankie was a Christmas present, perhaps from my sister, in 2005. I was in a post-bedrest-now-I-have-a-colicky-baby haze. Look how pink, on one side, how white on the other!

And then, the snuzz was born. My mother described it well in 2008. Today, the yellow snuzz is considerably worse for the wear:

This comes from being chewed on before the nose-snuzzing/thumb-sucking begins:

I hesitate to speculate on either the purpose of the toe-snuzz, or what it may do to the poor Yellow Snuzz:

Long live Blankie.

1 comment:

Michele said...

I love how inventive Dee is, even with Blank. Toe snuzz, yellow snuzz, just plain ol' snuzz. That is one creative, inventive mind at work!

Long live Blank, indeed!