Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Energy Burst

I've been going crazy around this place. The following unusual activities have been sighted around my house:

1. Vacuuming and mopping
2. General tidying
3. Organizing of the garage
4. Cooking that doesn't involve moving something from freezer to oven or microwave
5. Laundry has been both folded and put away in a timely fashion

I think I am enjoying the freedom that comes from having a child old enough to not be held or closely watched all the time. We can get out of the house, run errands, go to social events and even manage the occasional restaurant experience without anyone pulling out all of their hair. I have enough energy to get me through the average day without completely crashing. This state of affairs has taken two years to achieve.

I'm starting to think that these days are more numbered than I thought. Whatever happens, they will definitely be gone come January. (This frightens me, but is a topic for another day.) As my contractions seemingly intensify and also occur over a larger part of the day, I'm wondering more and more what the next cervix check will bring. I am very hopeful that my feelings from last time prove true (that I'm just a person who contracts a lot, and without that precipitating bleed from my pregnancy with D, my cervix is fine with this). But, I am also very afriad that the next few weeks will bring me an order to stay in bed for three months. I don't know if I can do that again without losing my sanity. I am terrified. I'm not sleeping well. I'm afraid to confide my fears to H because he's already so very anxious himself.

And so I'm ignoring these fears, to the very best of my ability, and getting things knocked off my to-do list at an astounding rate. If this keeps up I may unpack some of the boxes in the garage from when we moved into the house, 2 years ago.

Well, then again, let's not get crazy. If I haven't needed anything in there in 2 years, perhaps things are best left as they are.


Geohde said...

I hope that if you do score bedrest that it isn't too bad.

I hope even more that your next scan goes swimmingly, and it isn't required.


Spanglish said...

Those intense moments of anxiety are exhausting, aren't they.

I wish I had your energy. I'm better than I used to be, but I'm certainly not up to tackling a to-do list. I can barely remember to even make a to-do list.

Ann said...

It just never quits, does it? I am so hoping your uterus decides to cooperate during these next few crucial weeks.