Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No One's Dead Yet

So, one and a half days in on my attempt to handle solo parenting of two, and we're all still alive. I call that a success. So far we've:

gone to D's playgroup Valentine's Day party at the park.
gone to our local park and met a friend and her 2 kids.
gone to the grocery store.

That's three outings. (!) D had a minor breakdown this morning as I was attempting to unload the groceries, feed Buddy his bottle, and play with her Thomas the Trains all at the same time, so I ignored the groceries, put Buddy into his bouncy with a pacifier, and took her onto my lap and had a talk about all the things Mommy has to do, and that it's hard for everyone to wait their turn, and that I was proud of her for being so patient. She perked up enough to let me finish the feeding and unloading, and then we had some good train time. They're now both napping. (At the same time!) I don't know what to do with myself. I could be putting away the non-perishable groceries, or cleaning this kitchen-like disaster zone, or laundry, or sleeping, or eating lunch, or calling trauma therapists... but I'm checking blogs. I'm addicted.

I'm also starving. I think lunch just jumped to the top of the list.


electriclady said...

Aw, you're an awesome mommy. :) Three outings is pretty damn impressive, if you ask me.

Lori said...

A double nap?


KMW said...

Holy Shit I had no idea what the last few months have been like for you!So glad you are well again.

Congrats on Buddy!

Cathy said...

3 outings and a double nap - very impressive. (I see I have company in being impressed.) Great news onyour kidneys.