Saturday, February 09, 2008

Normal Life Resumes Now

Kidneys: normal. (Creatinine was 0.9, which was deemed "good enough.") Whew.

Postpartum visit to Dr. Favorite: her comment was "Wow! Normal clothes! Makeup! Combed hair! You look like a normal person!" She couldn't believe I was wearing nonmaternity jeans. I told her the anesthesiologist from the delivery and I were going to go into the bad crash diet industry and advertise in the back of Star Magazine. I am under orders to take iron supplements for a month and come back for more bloodwork, and for goodness' sake schedule an appointment with a trauma counselor already, and yes, here's some Zoloft for the PPD-- try this dose for 4 weeks and we can ramp it up if necessary. She always makes me feel so much better. I am now beginning my first days on an SSRI. Hmm.

My mother: just departed for the airport, not in the shuttle van we were expecting, but in a stretch limo (the driver said he was closest to the house???). Very stylish. I must now begin (nearly 4 weeks after the fact) doing more than the sporadic night feeding of my infant. I am nervous about how I am going to respond to the sleep deprivation. Nothing to do but plow onwards and see. I've certainly had an astounding amount of help from friends and family (especially my sainted mother) over the past 26 days. The time has come to go it alone.


Lori said...

Moms are the best.

Glad to know things continue to improve.

And hoping for more of the same.

Geohde said...

Yay for working kidneys.

Hoping that the sleep depravation doesn't get too bad,


MrsSpock said...

Whoo hoo for happy pee-makers! Hope you fare well now that mommie dearest is gone...