Monday, October 22, 2007

Cities On Fire

Well, apparently Southern California's current state of being completely on fire has made the national media. At least, judging by the number of phone calls I have received today.

I was awakened at 4 AM by my neighbors knocking on my door, wondering why there weren't any lights on in our house. Everyone else was packing up. The police and their bullhorns had issued mandatory evacuations to homes just a few blocks away and the street behind our house was cordoned off. They were encouraging everyone to get out and not letting anyone back in.

So, we packed up and left. We're staying with friends about 20 minutes away from our house. Now we're wondering if this house will also be evacuated. It's going to be a long night. But, we're all safe, we had enough time to pack irreplaceable items into the cars, and we can move further away at a moment's notice.

Mr. 27 weeks is well. We "modeled" for a conference our perinatology office was holding on Saturday to teach a bunch of nurses and physicians specialized ultrasounding techniques, so I have a nice new crop of pictures. He was too smashed up against the uterine wall for my promised free 3D ultrasound, but we had a good time. My cervix still looks excellent. And we have very convincing photographic evidence of his... erm... manliness.

So, for now, just keeping my fingers crossed that our house doesn't burn down.


Geohde said...

Oh my goodness.

I hope that you're okay and that your house stays in one piece. How absoutely terrifying for you.


Cathy said...

Great luck on your house being okay and wonderful news on the baby. Grow baby grow. Stay cervix stay.