Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For Electriclady

Phew! What a relief!

A complete and total false alarm. Dr. Favorite (my first appointment with her this pregnancy! At last, at last!) said I was the third patient this week to be diagnosed with low fluid levels by the ultrasound people, only to check out perfectly fine in the OB office. So, the usual warnings... stay hydrated, try and rest more, she asked what my lecture schedule was like these days and made sure my department was "on alert" that I may just not be able to turn up for class one day (and yes, they know...) and she asked how we were holding up.

Well, and there's that. How are we holding up? It really depends. You can ask, and we can answer, but 5 minutes later the answer may be the complete opposite. It only takes the smallest thing and H and I completely lose our grip. Deep down, I knew from the minute I heard the technician yesterday talking about low fluid levels that it was probably nothing. I'd had an upset stomach the previous day, and maybe I was a little less hydrated than usual. I also knew, deep down, that it was probably all fine again this morning when the OB office called. And yet, I was a basket case the whole day. My body was trembling from the huge volume of adrenaline I dumped into my circulatory system. I checked H's pulse while we were waiting in the exam room, and it was 110. The look of panic on his face when I told him the OBs wanted us to come in today was terrible.

We really need to find a way to get a grip. And yet, tomorrow is the exact gestational age where things collapsed with the pregnancy with D. Maybe that gives us the right to be a little fragile this week? I don't know. I just wish I could keep it together a little bit better. That may have to wait until we get past 28 weeks. But, for today, all is good. Several large pockets of fluid. Cervix long and closed. Growth is right on where it should be. The kid kicks constantly. Even my wieght isn't out of control. Why do I keep waiting for catastrophe? Can't I just enjoy this?

I wish I could have a glass of wine. I guess I'll do the next best thing and go soak in the bathtub with a Dick Francis novel.


Geohde said...

I'll have that glass of wine on your behalf.

SO glad to hear that all is well



electriclady said...

WHEW!!!! So glad to hear all is well.

I think you definitely have a right to feel extra fragile this week--don't beat yourself up about not "enjoying" this part of the pregnancy. It's a nervewracking time anyway, this edge-of-viability period, and with your past experience it's only natural to have lots of fears. Just take extra good care of yourself these next few weeks (that goes for your hubby too!) and hopefully you'll hit 28 weeks and breathe a huge sigh of relief for your mile-long cervix.

Cathy said...

Hurray! I just got up and had to check. Sounds like you really went through the wringer last time, so of course this is going to be hard. Now that today is here, perhaps it will get easier. If not, know that the days will pass and that each one is getting you where you want to be.

Ann said...

It's easy to feel like all is well when there's nothing amiss. When something goes wrong, however (or even when someone brings up the POSSIBILITY of something going wrong), your imagination goes into overdrive.

I'm glad everything's OK.

MsPrufrock said...

"pockets of fluid" always makes me cringe. I am, however, grateful that yours are at the appropriate level. Very good.

I wanted to email you re: your comment on my blog a moment ago, but I couldn't find an email address for you. Anyway, between you and electriclady thinking you're sooooo much older than me - you must be about 4 years older, so hardly ancient and in need of a cane.