Sunday, July 01, 2007

I was getting a bit cocky there, wasn't I?

Today appears to be freakout time for me again--I am telling myself over and over again today that we are much more likely to lose this child to prematurity/preterm labor than a late first-trimester miscarriage. This is how I reassure myself. Great!!

I think distraction is the name of the game. We took D to the beach this morning and she ran around and threw cars down cliffs and got hit in the face with big waves and dug big pools and the tide flooded them. She loved it. She collapsed for her nap when we got back and she's still sacked out. Once she wakes up, though, we're going grocery shopping to get a few nights' worth of dinners and stuff for the Fourth. We're going over to a friends' house for BBQ and I'm responsible for dessert. I'm leaning towards this. Patriotic, eh?

H is currently attempting to turn up enough of our hideous clay soil in the backyard so that we can mix in some planter's mix and get a bed in reasonable enough shape to (finally) plant our herb/vegetable garden. We got all the plants yesterday so now we have to get them into the ground before we kill them from neglect. This has happened before. We are not gardeners. But we try.


Anonymous said...

When is your prenatal appointment? Mine is tomorrow, and today I've been Miss Crankypants because I'm worried.

Our babies are not dead. The very worst bit of the first trimester is behind us now, and the odds are HUGELY in our favor that the little boogers are thriving.

You're pregnant. I'm pregnant. Prenatal appointments are going to be a HUGE success.

At least that's what I've been praying for...

Ann said...

Hi May, thanks for posting on my blog! I always like seeing fellow PCOS-ers who are/have been pregnant. It gives me hope. It sounds like your pregnancy is going along swimmingly so far. That's wonderful!