Friday, July 13, 2007

Spoke to OB

New instructions:

Pelvic rest.

For those of you who have never experienced this delight, it basically boils down to NO SEX.



Geohde said...

Sounds good to me!

I'm on the outs with Sex. It's let me down by repeatedly failing to knock me up and it's been so long TTC now that I've forgotten the concept that it can be fun sometimes.

Spanglish said...

No sex at all?? I mean, are even orgasms dangerous or can you participate in sex that doesn't involve penetration?

May said...

Right now we're at the "no penetration" stage, but I wouldn't be surprised to be reunited with our old friend "no orgasms or anything that can cause contractions" at some point in the near future. Preterm labor+orgasm=v. bad.

Erin said...

Phooey. Sorry to hear that! Having recently rediscovered the joys of non-TTC sex, I can understand how you would be very sad to lose out. And combined with the pregnancy hormones? Argh!

electriclady said...

Oh yeah, been there. No penetration, no orgasms, no nothing, for my entire pregnancy. Ugh. Memorably, my OB suggested, "Maybe you could do oral." As if I was going to be in the mood to do THAT when I couldn't have any fun myself. ;)