Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Screening Time

Tomorrow I'm going in to my perinatology clinic for a nuchal translucency screen. I got the last possible appointment I could have gotten that both works with my schedule, and is also before I'm too far along to have the test done. Unfortunately, it's at 8:30 AM and it's pretty far away. I am going to be grouchy tomorrow. And I teach that night until 10:15 PM. It's gonna be a long day. We're paying out of pocket for this test since I'm under 35. Insurance companies are so arbitrary about what they will and will not cover. On the other hand, this pregnancy isn't costing me a $15 copay every time I go in for an office visit, and with cervix checks every 2 weeks from 16 weeks onward that would certainly add up if the pregnancy went full term.

Ha! Full term! Ha ha ha ha ha... Whew. That was a good one... [wipes eyes]

So... I didn't have this done with D so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of turnaround time on the results. I'm not even sure which doctor I'll be seeing. I do know they require cash up front. I hope they accept checks too, or it could be a very short appointment.

I am still going to my stroller walk workouts. I'm nervous about it but my doctor assured me the exercise would be good for me. I'm careful not to get my heart rate up too high and that I don't get overheated. Still nerveracking. I'm going to stop the minute anyone sees anything wacky going on, cervix-wise. There are women doing these workouts that are clearly nearing the ends of their pregnancies and they do more than I do-- I skip the big hills, etc. I wish I was so comfortable in my pregnancy that I wasn't worried about walking up and down a few hills.

I guess I don't really have much to say today. I'm still buried under the pile of grading I got last Thursday. Speaking of which, writing blog entries isn't getting me any closer to being done with that. I guess procrastination time is over for today.


Anonymous said...

I hear you about the nervousness with exercise... I rationalize that as long as I'm walking my blood is circulating and oxygen is being better dispursed. I have the rest of my life to get stronger.

Good luck with the nuchal translucency... thanks for the link. I'm pretty ignorant about it.

Geohde said...

Good luck with the NT screen. The overwhelming odds are that it will be fine.

Hell, even my poor doomed baby had a normal NT!

I hope that cervix does it's long and closed thing for as long as possible....