Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nuchal Fun

Today's visit to the perinatology clinic was eventful. It seems likely that the nuchal screen results will come back normal. We won't know for a week or two. The measurements were low, though, which is very good.

But, during the scan, they noted some irregularities to the placenta. I am still processing this and consulting Dr. Google and I have someone at my OB office trying to get a copy of the report so that I can ask one of the doctors some of the nine million questions that I now have, all of which completely escaped me this morning when the perinatologist looked me in the eye and said, "Do you have any questions?"

Anyway, it's not an immediate crisis, but it looks like we may be adding a new layer of complexity to an already high-risk pregnancy.

Damn it.


Geohde said...

I'm glad to hear the NT went well.

Finger's crossed about the placenta. Try to stay away from Dr Google, from personal experience, it only ends in tears!

Char said...

Shucks! Don't you hate it when doctors make comments like that and then don't explain all the "what ifs?" Grrr... Thank Goodness for Dr Google. Although sometimes, Dr Google just makes things even more scary!

Ann said...

Yep, no matter how well-prepared you are, you always think of a million questions RIGHT AFTER leaving the doctor's office.